Sokem Brand is a consulting management company based on brand and design marketing for local and international operations. It endeavors to achieve one goal: combining the creative business strategies and ideas with designs to turn the brand opportunities into visible and fruitful results.

我們核心團隊分別來自管理、營銷、廣告、公關、互動、藝術、設計的專業領域,我們不滿傳播行業現狀,突破單一傳播工具的慣性思維,創造「跨界營銷」(Crossover Marketing)的傳播理念,為客戶提供整合傳播時代的營銷體驗,幫助客戶在日益喧囂的市場環境中有效達成量化的營銷目標,提升品牌市場影響力。

The core team consists of talents from a wide range of professional fields, including management, marketing, advertisement, public relations, interaction, art and design, etc. Unsatisfied with the status of communication industry, we break through the conventional thinking of adopting a single communication tool and create the idea of “Crossover Marketing”. We devote to providing customers with integrated marketing experience, helping them achieve the physical marketing goals effectively in the midst of an increasingly bustling market environment and improving the market influence of the brand.



We are a think tank for local outstanding corporations. By providing comprehensive services and effective solutions for companies, we endow the business with culture and dreams, enabling your company to be equipped with the brand dream and loyalty and make profits wisely and consistently.


At present, we have offices established in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Chongqing. Sokem Brand has developed into a leading power in fields including brand operation, strategy, design, innovation and revitalization. It has helped more than 500 companies across China design their brands and shape their future.